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Handwriting Books

Popular A4 Exercise Books 80 Pages Pk25 KS1 Handwriting Lines 6mm/21mm Dark Blue

£ 16.49


  • Catalogue Page Number: 11
  • Pack size: 25
  • A4 - 297x210mm
  • Blue 225gsm pressboard cover
  • 75gsm paper
  • KS1 6/21mm Handwriting 
  • Triple stapled
  • 80 Pages
  • Box 25 Books

Our Popular range of books offering unbeatable value without compromising on quality. With great environmental credentials to support the drive within schools to be greener.

The Popular range of Exercise books are superb quality with vivid colours and strong covers.

All come with high quality bleed resistant writing paper and are triple stapled in the spine.


Key Eco-Friendly Characteristics of Bagasse

What is faster to renew than bamboo? More durable than paper? And more sustainable than any other paper alternative on the market? Bagasse! Bagasse is the name for the sugarcane fibre that remains after the cane is processed into sugar. It is considered a waste product, meaning it requires no additional resources to produce.

Bagasse is a sustainable product because it is sourced with very little impact on the environment. It can be easily replenished because the residue can be obtained after every harvest.

It is a natural waste product from the production of sugar. Sugarcane farming produces approximately 79% of all of the world's sugar.

Sugar bagasse products are recyclable as well as 100% biodegradable, compostable which means they'll break down in under 12 weeks.

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